Monday, April 18, 2011

garden time.

today, I spent some time weeding out dead, rotten aloe vera in one of my garden beds. aloe vera stinks when it is rotted… smells sort of like some bad alcohol. I may have gotten a buzz. =p

anyways, during the 2 hours I was out there digging & pulling, I started mulling some stuff over, as one often does while in the garden.

we put our roots down so deep, that when we have change in our lives, & feel ourselves being up-rooted, we fight it with all we’ve got. a force [God] is pulling at us, wanting to move us, relocate us, better us… possibly put us in a better protected place, a shaded spot, a restful place.

aloe veras have deep, strong roots, and as I was pulling them, I thought of this. how I might fight, when I need to just surrender. sometimes it is okay to be uprooted.

spring yard 034