Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I am a giver. if I see something for someone that I know they’ll love, it’s hard for me not to get it for them! I don’t believe in giving gifts simply for birthdays & at christmas time… everyday of a person should be celebrated!
during the month of november, my family & I have decided to bless someone weekly… I love the smiles & happiness it evokes when we show up & say “just because...”
there was such a huge response to last week’s art piece “my cup overflows” that I picked a “winner” to receive a custom 8X10 original! I really hope when she opens her package she has a huge smile on her face!=)

custom Cup piece for Alix 005

my cup is still overflowing with blessings! [& a studio full of paper & paint!Winking smile]
now, off to create another piece! <3

Friday, November 9, 2012


hello! so glad you could drop by…
for the last month or so, I have been in a dry place. feeling as if I forgot how to create…
my aunt recently died of cancer… the day after my mom had surgery for breast cancer. when emotions are thick, I usually process with some art. melanie testa of had put out the word about a project called “breast pockets” bringing awareness to breast cancer & “flatties” [women who chose not to have reconstructive surgery]. this was just what I needed to get creating. I made 2 pockets, one in memory of my aunt [tia josie] & one for my mom, who is being so brave through her whole ordeal with cancer.
breast pockets 007
[the red one is my aunt’s & the pink one is my mom’s].

breast pockets 025
[my mom, a week after her surgery].

we’re coming up on thanksgiving & my heart has been full. I just feel so blessed… that my mom made it through surgery; that the doctors are optimistic about her recovery; that I have an awesome husband; healthy, happy, little girls; a baby growing inside; an amazing, supportive, family; & a place to spread out & create!
yesterday, I cranked out this piece that summed up my feelings:

girls, my cup overflows ART 018

indeed it does…
have a lovely week! =)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I’m writing to you today from my cozy chair…
we got a great response on brian’s workout video on youtube & facebook. that was really awesome!=) thanks to everyone for supporting our endeavors!
today, I am featured on the Right Brain Planner’s blog. I am super excited to have my art featured! teresa has an awesome site so go check it!
 hover for link --->
Art Journals 014
above, is my small art journal. it is getting swollen from paint & ink! held together by binder clips & love… this is my first art journal. it contains the most painful & the most joyous contents! I was grieving the loss of my first husband, & my second husband was introduced into my life…
I hope you will visit teresa’s blog & find a bit of joy in art today.
love & peace.

Monday, August 20, 2012


for this week’s blog post, I had brian [my hubs/ personal trainer] do an exercise video.=) have fun watching it… we hope it motivates you! oh! & don't forget to drink chocolate milk afterwards! it's an excellent recovery drink!;)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


the day started a lovely shade of gray. the sun hidden behind the hazy clouds…perfect for a walk with a friend. so off we went with a baby & dog in tow. it was nice time.
zona [my dog] has been tuckered out since the walk...
today blog picts P 017

I felt a little lost today… wondering what to do with the rest of my day. the studio is tore up [again] as we are getting shelves hung…
today blog picts P 004
it’s been hard to find supplies & climb over things. I needed some gratitude & contentment, so I started snapping picts of some of my favorite things that make me smile.
glitter in tiny bottles with corks…
today blog picts P 008
bright ribbons…
today blog picts P 010
favorite pencil containers…
today blog picts P 009
patterned papers…
today blog picts P 012
& the reminder that creativity is for daily use!=)
today blog picts P 011
also, I ran into these words “being happy is productive.” =)
so, I have had a productive day indeed…
have an amazing day!

Monday, August 6, 2012


I have this painting… I bought it before I painted my studio turquoise. it blended right in with the walls. my hubs surprised me with a fresh 2x4 this morning, so today was the day to make a frame!
etsy, frameBLOG 019
uh, I sorta didn’t comb my hair all day! I got caught up in creativity.
here is the finished frame. not bad for my first frame…
etsy, frameBLOG 024
[painting by kelly barton.]
etsy, frameBLOG 021
also, on the creativity front… some new “creepy girl” tags will be listed in my etsy shop this week. tell me what you think.
etsy, frameBLOG 005
hope your week is amazing & filled with good things! =)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I sit here in a quiet house, alone. my girls are all in school & my hubs is teaching… I was handed this amazing gift of being able to take a hiatus from teaching this year! I get to be the stay at home mama-artist! what a blessing!
today is the first day & I’m struggling. what to do? how do I break up the day into household chores & creativity? I’ve never had this opportunity, I’ve always been a working mama. I feel a little distraught, lost. I know the feeling will fade & will become comfortable in this new daily routine, but for now, I sit thinking. wishing. the whole day awaits!
today I am thankful for time… to cook, to create, to take a walk with our dog, to read, to listen to music. to maybe find more of myself…
here is a journal page from last year. just wanted to share a little {he}art. peace.
fleeting art journal 001

Monday, July 23, 2012


I’m back & healed up…
one of my favorite smells is crayons! it has to be crayolas, no other brand will do! I also love how rich the color is & the smooth lay down. I was [ & still am] excited when I break into a brand new box of crayons! it takes me back to my childhood of crayons & paper & coloring books!
today’s art video is some crayon, wax art! enjoy & have a most excellent week! <3

Saturday, June 23, 2012


i know i have not been around much lately... i have been struggling with some health issues. just this past tuesday i had my tonsils removed. i haven't been doing much past sleeping. my hubs has been holding this place & the little girls together. 
i'm very frustrated. i want to play with art supplies, but i am barely muddling through this post without my eyes rolling back into my head! there is so much life zooming by or so it seems! so right in this moment, in this day, i am being reminded to have patience with myself & those around me. so, i call upon your patience as well... to wait for the next blog post with pictures included!
before i sign off & head back to bed, i want to tell you about "art abandonment." it is this group of artists on facebook [& all over the world] who make art just to abandon it! we leave little or big bits of artsy goodness wherever we want! i am so excited to be part of this movement! i designed & printed my cards yesterday & can't wait to start abandoning pieces. 

have an excellent weekend.

Monday, May 21, 2012


hey, there & happy monday to you!
so, we all have different ways to cope with life’s issues. my regular therapy includes art & exercise. I also go & talk with a very special lady [aka my counselor, though she is so much more] about once a month.
I’m working on a big piece of art, 48x60 inches. it’s an abstract piece that is called “matrix of wonder.” for having such an incredible name, it is a simple piece. it leaves much to the viewer…

fort, matric of wonder painting, ecplipse 019

I have been painting on the back porch, with wind chimes & children & a dog running around!
when my husband-personal trainer arrives back home from errands, we will have our workout [full body with weights] , also on the back porch. working out is getting me geared up for running again. I love running!

weights, tarp for blog 001

we have a sweet set up for our work & hobbies here at this bohemian home!=) we are ever so blessed.
soon, brian [the trainer-hubs], will be posting workout playlists & short, workout videos. what do you think of this? what sort of exercises would you like to see? he currently teaches a bootcamp style class, group sessions, & of course one on one training.
here is my last video for some creative inspiration! peace out!

Monday, May 14, 2012


my grandma gave me a set of vintage, card catalog drawers! I am so excited.
this is what the drawers looked like…

home goods & card catalogue 064

they are super sturdy. I wanted a bit of color but didn’t want to alter them completely. yet. so I painted the knobs [after I cut off the rods with a dremel].

home goods & card catalogue 066

i popped the painted knobs back in. what do you think?

home goods & card catalogue 069

& here is the complete set! I think it is an awesome addition to the studio!=)

home goods & card catalogue 074

on a side note, did you know these drawers are large enough to hold a bottle of wine?!? there are so many uses for them! mine will house, hole punches, corner rounders, pens, stamps, etc.

if you have drawers similar or had some of these, what would you use them for?

I’m off to do some yoga. happy monday, everyone! =)

Monday, April 23, 2012


american culture is so consumed with a fast-paced life. go-go-go until you can’t go anymore. we place unreal expectations on ourselves & those around us to be up to par, but where does this get us? it gets us full of anxiety & worry.
it is okay to relax. take a walk. draw. paint. watch a movie. lay in the hammock. read a book. journal. take a run. play guitar. chat with some friends on the porch. take pictures. journal. get a massage. give a massage. sit in the garden. stare at the stars. cry. laugh. love. enjoy each moment…

home life 015
two, little artists at work!

home life 035
the wee one drawing.

home life 037
my hubs fueling the inspiration with some guitar. <3

home life 023
my feet & art! Winking smile

*** a big shout out to vanessa [my massage therapist] for aiding in my relaxation today! =) follow her on pinterest at: ***
well, I’m off to shovel cow poo! the things that make me giddy! haha. have a most excellent week, friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I love being inspired by fellow artists. today, we’ll look at one of my inspiration corners & also check out my latest piece…

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 017

newest piece of art in our collection! “the wheel” by sunshine b. lewis! [ ,] this is an 8X8 piece on canvas. I love the layers & colors!

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 019

wings art tile by stacey merrill, ArtSnark [, http://]

“temptation” [woman in poppies] by trine stasica, ManicAttackArt. [,]

& now for my latest piece::: “dyslexie.”

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 021

I used papers, ink, oil pastels, wax… I love how art is my therapy & helps me process my emotions. she is for sale here:

thanks for stopping by & taking a peek into the studio!=)

Monday, March 26, 2012


it’s monday & that means we are all at home. our favorite place to relax & just be.

the little girls have a playhouse where they make delicious mud concoctions…

home 010

this is where they spend 90% of their time. [what do you think of the paint job?!? =)]

home 008

while they were making pies & I was making this birch wood hanging…

home 001

home 003

brian was serenading us on his guitar.

home 014

living creatively is how we roll!=)

Monday, March 19, 2012


today it snowed in the desert. cold, yet so beautiful! I love the gray sky, the tree branches, dark against it.

today has provided the perfect atmosphere for baking & cooking. we have baked…

food 009

nutella oreo cheesecake bars [& cooked a pot of stew].

on the art front, I have been very inspired by my girls, who leave their messy, watercolor crayons laying about.

food 012

& for those who don’t know, I recently got married [after being a widow for the past 2 years], to this incredible man, brian. he makes me laugh everyday, makes me think deep & encourages & supports me. we are so in love, it’s ridiculous!=)

I will leave you with my recent youtube, art journal video. may this coming week be filled with peace & love.