Monday, May 14, 2012


my grandma gave me a set of vintage, card catalog drawers! I am so excited.
this is what the drawers looked like…

home goods & card catalogue 064

they are super sturdy. I wanted a bit of color but didn’t want to alter them completely. yet. so I painted the knobs [after I cut off the rods with a dremel].

home goods & card catalogue 066

i popped the painted knobs back in. what do you think?

home goods & card catalogue 069

& here is the complete set! I think it is an awesome addition to the studio!=)

home goods & card catalogue 074

on a side note, did you know these drawers are large enough to hold a bottle of wine?!? there are so many uses for them! mine will house, hole punches, corner rounders, pens, stamps, etc.

if you have drawers similar or had some of these, what would you use them for?

I’m off to do some yoga. happy monday, everyone! =)


  1. what a nifty, utilitarian addition to your resource supply center..

  2. Love it, Sam! It's so fun to have neat things like that, especially when it comes from a Grandma!