Thursday, May 16, 2013


I know it’s been awhile. my baby boy was born in march, so my days have been filled with loving & caring for him & learning all I can about cloth diapering [my new hobby ‘cause I don’t have enough already!Winking smile] I love washing his diapers & hanging them outside. it slows the pace of life down… [more to come on cloth diapering!]
sometimes when he naps I head for the studio… I mentioned last post that I was addicted to altering playing cards. well, that was yesterday’s project. more cards!!!=) this deck was awesome because the back was already a stellar design, black & hot pink! so here’s a look at my gypsy deck:::
new paints, hot pink card deck 019

new paints, hot pink card deck 027

new paints, hot pink card deck 025
this was the first project using my new paints! which I love!=)
new paints, hot pink card deck 030
[more colors coming soon!]
I would love to create custom decks [themed] & sell them in my etsy shop. so I’m thinking some fave authors quotes, & band lyrics. I can also include pictures, like little brag books.
I would love to hear your thoughts!=)

Sunday, February 24, 2013


awhile ago someone had asked me for some Bible verses on index cards. in my search for creative inspiration in this project, I came across this amazing tutorial & challenge to alter a deck of playing cards… Inspirational Quotes Deck Tutorial

52 cards get very thick after glue, papers & paint are applied! they won’t be fitting back into their original box! =)
flowers & deck of cards 007

I punched holes into the top left corner to put them on a ring…
flowers & deck of cards 008

front of cards.
flowers & deck of cards 009

paper covered backs…
flowers & deck of cards 010

an eclectic, deck of cards.
flowers & deck of cards 012

I am now in love with altering playing cards! they make a special little gift for anyone! you can put poems, quotes, pictures, what you love about a person, etc. on them!
have an amazing week! <3

Friday, January 18, 2013


valentine’s day is just next month! the past 2 weeks I have been consumed with creating a collage paper pack that can be used to create cards or do some art journaling with! I think I stumbled upon it!=) check out the listing to the right ----> or here:
my husband & I played with the collage packs at different times & came up with these stellar valentine’s cards!
 valentines & etsy 001

grungey, rawker card…

    valentines & etsy 013

the important stuff…
valentines & etsy 003

the special delivery. =)
valentines & etsy 005
back view Winking smile
valentines & etsy 010

the middle schooler…

valentines & etsy 007

the middle schooler, back…
valentines & etsy 008
the possiblilities are endless! pick up a collage paper pack today & PLAY!=)