Thursday, June 30, 2011


tonight, this inspired me. i savor it. i have been looking in all the nooks & crannies for my creativity to show itself... i get bursts of ideas that seem to fizzle before my hand reaches the pencils, paints, & paper. i wonder what is wrong with me? nothing. this is just a season, a phase.

even in the trudging, remember to look up at the stars. savor the simple things in life. hold on... something excellent is right around the corner!

Monday, June 13, 2011


i have wanted to write so may things lately. profound & deep, but i was away from the computer all of last week. i wrote many things in my journal & spent a lot of time quietly pondering...

honestly, i have been struggling::: being very sad & distraught. finally, today there was a break-through. i finally feel a bit more like myself.

i have a friend [sara] that reminds me, when i am in my dark times, that something is right around the corner. how true...

i often struggle & grieve, just to have something simple & amazing steal my breath away. a color makes me smile, or a song makes me feel empowered, or exercising makes me feel so alive.

i am learning, in the darkness, to be thankful & look up at the stars.