Sunday, February 24, 2013


awhile ago someone had asked me for some Bible verses on index cards. in my search for creative inspiration in this project, I came across this amazing tutorial & challenge to alter a deck of playing cards… Inspirational Quotes Deck Tutorial

52 cards get very thick after glue, papers & paint are applied! they won’t be fitting back into their original box! =)
flowers & deck of cards 007

I punched holes into the top left corner to put them on a ring…
flowers & deck of cards 008

front of cards.
flowers & deck of cards 009

paper covered backs…
flowers & deck of cards 010

an eclectic, deck of cards.
flowers & deck of cards 012

I am now in love with altering playing cards! they make a special little gift for anyone! you can put poems, quotes, pictures, what you love about a person, etc. on them!
have an amazing week! <3