Monday, April 23, 2012


american culture is so consumed with a fast-paced life. go-go-go until you can’t go anymore. we place unreal expectations on ourselves & those around us to be up to par, but where does this get us? it gets us full of anxiety & worry.
it is okay to relax. take a walk. draw. paint. watch a movie. lay in the hammock. read a book. journal. take a run. play guitar. chat with some friends on the porch. take pictures. journal. get a massage. give a massage. sit in the garden. stare at the stars. cry. laugh. love. enjoy each moment…

home life 015
two, little artists at work!

home life 035
the wee one drawing.

home life 037
my hubs fueling the inspiration with some guitar. <3

home life 023
my feet & art! Winking smile

*** a big shout out to vanessa [my massage therapist] for aiding in my relaxation today! =) follow her on pinterest at: ***
well, I’m off to shovel cow poo! the things that make me giddy! haha. have a most excellent week, friends.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I love being inspired by fellow artists. today, we’ll look at one of my inspiration corners & also check out my latest piece…

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 017

newest piece of art in our collection! “the wheel” by sunshine b. lewis! [ ,] this is an 8X8 piece on canvas. I love the layers & colors!

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 019

wings art tile by stacey merrill, ArtSnark [, http://]

“temptation” [woman in poppies] by trine stasica, ManicAttackArt. [,]

& now for my latest piece::: “dyslexie.”

easter, etsy, WHEEL, DYSLEXIE art 021

I used papers, ink, oil pastels, wax… I love how art is my therapy & helps me process my emotions. she is for sale here:

thanks for stopping by & taking a peek into the studio!=)