Monday, May 21, 2012


hey, there & happy monday to you!
so, we all have different ways to cope with life’s issues. my regular therapy includes art & exercise. I also go & talk with a very special lady [aka my counselor, though she is so much more] about once a month.
I’m working on a big piece of art, 48x60 inches. it’s an abstract piece that is called “matrix of wonder.” for having such an incredible name, it is a simple piece. it leaves much to the viewer…

fort, matric of wonder painting, ecplipse 019

I have been painting on the back porch, with wind chimes & children & a dog running around!
when my husband-personal trainer arrives back home from errands, we will have our workout [full body with weights] , also on the back porch. working out is getting me geared up for running again. I love running!

weights, tarp for blog 001

we have a sweet set up for our work & hobbies here at this bohemian home!=) we are ever so blessed.
soon, brian [the trainer-hubs], will be posting workout playlists & short, workout videos. what do you think of this? what sort of exercises would you like to see? he currently teaches a bootcamp style class, group sessions, & of course one on one training.
here is my last video for some creative inspiration! peace out!


  1. Work out vids sound great! Love the Art journal videos SOO MUCH! Feel like I'm in the Chaos with you my sistah :)

  2. Loving the art. Like you, I ahve a "special" friend I see too in order to let out the stresses of life. I always remember my co-worker saying the lifestyle we are living are not healthy. Too fast, he would say.