Monday, March 19, 2012


today it snowed in the desert. cold, yet so beautiful! I love the gray sky, the tree branches, dark against it.

today has provided the perfect atmosphere for baking & cooking. we have baked…

food 009

nutella oreo cheesecake bars [& cooked a pot of stew].

on the art front, I have been very inspired by my girls, who leave their messy, watercolor crayons laying about.

food 012

& for those who don’t know, I recently got married [after being a widow for the past 2 years], to this incredible man, brian. he makes me laugh everyday, makes me think deep & encourages & supports me. we are so in love, it’s ridiculous!=)

I will leave you with my recent youtube, art journal video. may this coming week be filled with peace & love.


  1. Ah, love. So long ago for me. So happy for you. I haven't given up though. It can happen any time. Gods will.

    1. praying God drops a man here just for you! <3

  2. ps. you need to change your profile...

  3. change my profile on fb??? it won't let me change my name. =/