Tuesday, December 20, 2011


sometimes I forget I have twins… I know this is strange, but I do! I see my two 8 year olds as individuals! when people ask if they are identical, I think I give a blank stare. yes, they are, but they are so unique, each lovely, little girls. one loves orange, the other pink. one laughs gleefully & so free, the other worries about things only adults should worry about!=) they both love art & creating [hmmm, wonder where they get that from?], & playing outside. beautiful tomboys…

once we were eating at a restaurant with my mom & I felt like everyone was staring. I said, “why are people staring at us?” the 8 year olds go, “they’re probably wondering if we’re twins.” my 5 year old said, “no, they’re looking at me!” when we’re out & about I feel like the freak show! you might even hear me mutter, “welcome to the freak show!” =)

just wanted to share a little moment with you...


  1. They are so beautiful and I see the physical resemblance between the twins but their energy is so different from each other I never notice it. You are an excellent mother!