Monday, May 16, 2011

love: the art piece.


saturday, I created an art piece on a recycled book cover with graphite, aquarelle, acrylic, ink and rub ons. I embellished it with recycled wire & fibers…

creating is a very interesting process… as I was painting this, I really thought I messed it up twice, but as you can see it turned out! that is the exciting thing about art. when you think you have failed, you mostly succeed. something good comes of mistakes if we just forge ahead!

art 001


art 003


  1. You're so right, Sam! It's so easy to give up but then you just don't know how things could have turned art and in life. I love this piece!

  2. Love the collaged and painted book cover ... not giving up is sometimes, but when we press on, as you did, wonderful things can happen.

  3. I love how it turned out! It's so true. Some of my favorite pieces came from work that I wanted at some point to throw out.

  4. I can see why your girls love her! I love it when that happens and it happens lots in my studio, reworking as I work a piece and voila it just seems to come together by accident some times! I love your portraits Sammie!

  5. thank you, everyone for reading! you warm my heart. ♥