Monday, July 11, 2011


i am in a place of waiting. waiting to see what happens with some stress in my life...
waiting is always so hard. in our society we have the mentality of rush-rush & drive thrus & NOW! waiting is uncomfortable. it pushes you. makes you reflect & ponder, maybe on things we do not wish to think about. waiting makes you agitated, listless, out of sorts. at least this is the case for me. i wish i could drive past a window that handed out easy-solutions, with a large sweet tea or a soy caramel macchiato!!!=) wouldn't that be awesome?!?!

"God whispers to us in our joy & shouts to us in our pain." [C.S. Lewis]
sometimes when things are going well we are not aware of the important things in life. but when we are in a painful place, we become aware of what matters.

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  1. i agree!!

    jenna duty