Friday, December 24, 2010

christmas eve.

in the last few days i have seen some simple, yet deep things.
two days ago, i saw someone come home in a taxi [not the norm around here]. home for christmas. she was a young woman. she carried a backpack, a smaller bag, and a large roll along suitcase. made me think she hadn't been home in awhile.
then late this morning, the flower van delivered flowers to another house. i stood at the window & smiled. wondered what the story was there. a son or husband not able to be home for the holidays?
such simple things this week, and yet they brought such pleasure.

today, i am finding a little bit of joy. the last christmas i was happy, was 2008. when my husband was still here, and we were with our family. loud & joyous.

this christmas will be simple & quiet. little girls' laughter and remembering a man with blue eyes that glinted with mischief & love.

may we all experience that quiet love & peace of christmas.

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