Sunday, December 26, 2010

filling in.

i am so thankful to have people who fill in the gaps for me...
my dad & a young man [whom recently graduated]. these two answer any tool/ contruction sort of question that i might have. i appreciate them more than i can explain. i miss my "man" talks with mark. him answering my incessant questions about EVERYTHING!
today, my pops went with me to check out dremels. it was nice to have him to talk things over with & find the best deal. [even if he had ulterior motives of borrowing my dremel. haha].

there is an amazing group of online friends who are so supportive & amazing! when they heard of my husband's death, they sent me this beautiful art journal. i sat in the post office parking lot & cried. i've never met these women, but they were there & they continue to be there.

i have this close circle of friends, who hold me up. they let me cry in my coffee, they give hugs, talk with me late at night on the phone/computer and reassure me.

without my family & friends, i would be lost. thank you, for all of your love & support.

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