Monday, January 3, 2011

holding me down.

i am proud of myself. this past week, i tried some art techniques that i had been wanting to do. you know when fear sometimes just holds you down? yeah, well i'd been browsing through my art magazines, loving the colors & techniques, wondering how i could get something similar out, but afraid of even trying. pitiful, i know, but truthfully i was not feeling up to par. fear of failure... so when i finally took a few minutes & just started pulling supplies out & cutting & slathering paints in my art journal, it was a freeing moment. yesss! it was that easy to accomplish the look i had been wanting! and for a month, i was held down by fear. wow. and in 30 minutes, i was free!!!

tonight, i ponder what other things might be holding me down... and how i can be free of their hold on me.

art does this to me: causes me to think, reflect, and soothes the pain.


  1. Great post! So glad that you are creating.

    I get frozen too & when I push through, I wonder what held me back so long.

    Your blog looks cool - love the flames

  2. thanks, for reading, stacey! i love my flames, too!

  3. I am so guilty of this, I am so used to being good at things without trying. So when I try and stumble or try and even worse fail, I won't quit, I will try again because I know that is what strong women do. Thanks for the support and inspiration!

  4. thank you, kate, for your encouragement & inspiration!