Tuesday, August 2, 2011

deeply moved.

Ellison 18 in. Evolution Easy-Push Reel Mower with Adjustable Grass Management System- my dream lawn mower!=) [photo courtesy of homedepot.com]

yes, we start this entry with a picture of a lawn mower. makes you wonder doesn’t it???

well, I have been deeply moved by some things this past week…

#1. the neighbor’s son keeps mowing this little patch of grass by my driveway. it’s a pain for me to mow, because I have to push the mower across the driveway. a tiny patch of grass. takes smidgen of time to mow, but I fight it every time! so a few weeks ago, I notice the patch doesn’t need mowing. hmmm… strange. today, I hear a mower kick up & come close to my house. I peek out the window. he’s mowing & doesn’t stop when he gets to the “invisible” property line. I watched. it made me well up. dude doesn’t know how this little act of kindness makes me feel so amazingly blessed.

#2. I grabbed mail out of the box friday. there’s a card waiting, from a woman I have met only once & talked to briefly. she wrote this heartfelt note, so there I stood at the mail box crying. feeling so amazed & so “why me?!?”. you see, she got a bonus at work & felt led to bless us with some of it!

#3. friendships & turns in the road. I have always believed every person/friendship/situation in our life happens for a reason. no matter how small or big… people do not know how much their simple words & actions mean to me. I am in a very thankful mode right now, & it seems like everything is amazing & is blessing me. even the hard moments. when I get through every moment & look back & reflect, I learn so much. I learn to be a better person. to be more gracious, understanding & forgiving to those around me & to myself.

may this week be filled with small tid-bits that inspire & deeply move you.

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