Friday, September 2, 2011


i have been bad at updating & making videos. =/ so much life, not enough time it seems! but in all actuality, i have just been living life slowly: learning to savor & ponder more & rush less. listening to more music, taking more walks, less tv. more writing, more art, more learning... laying in the hammock relaxing, thinking over the day & praying. i feel as if my mind & heart are being blown wide open. some days it is hard to be "wide open" because the darkness is my friend & i trudge. & some days it is so easy to be filled with joy in this state. but either way, either day, i am learning to find the beautiful, even in the ugly. especially in the ugly, dark, deep grief places of me.

i am in a place of finding joy, grace, & thanksgiving in the journey...

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