Thursday, September 29, 2011



sometimes we wonder why we’ve gone through hurts, why we now carry scars, why life has been so hard… sometimes we do not feel adequate to have blessings bestowed upon us, & pride shuts us down…

in these moments of wonderings & not feeling adequate, I reflect… I think if I hadn’t gone through all of this pain & bear my scars for the world to see, that I wouldn’t understand grace & peace & forgiveness & love. I wouldn’t have compassion & empathy for others who walk through the same places I have been. I wouldn’t understand…

sometimes I feel bitter & hardened. but then this blinding light floods my soul & I know I’m still alive & receptive to Love. there is hope in the darkness, light at the end of the tunnel, salve for all the wounds… we can bear our scars & share life, love, & why with those around us.

sometimes we have to remember, we were made for such a time as this… we may not feel brave & hopeful. but we are! we never know how much until we have to walk deep in the valleys of life… but when we climb out & stand on top of the mountain & look at the view? we will find it was all worth it. the pain, wounds, sorrows – they will all be complete & laughter will swallow our tears…


  1. Your words are so honest and they move me so much. I know your life hasn't been easy over these months, but I can see you are stepping forward, creating your future with each step. How do I know this? By your art. The art of an artist reflects their life, their dreams and their hopes. Your art reflects all these and your soul and your strength. Hugs to you and your girls, Linda MidwestieLady

  2. Your words are so true. I admire your positive spirit!